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Automotive services from SGS – manage your supply chain, provide safe and reliable vehicles, improve quality, efficiency and safety, and reduce environmental impact.

Highway in the dark

Whatever your involvement in the automotive industry – whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, trader or government institution overseeing the well-being of road users – ensuring safety, efficiency, quality and compliance is paramount.

As a world-leading provider of automotive services, we provide unrivaled experience, supporting governments, OEMs, dealers, financial institutions and insurance companies across the globe. With a network of offices, component testing laboratories and vehicle testing centers throughout the world, we offer you a truly unique, independent and global service. As a result, we provide the resources and expertise you need for reliable, independent, accurate and secure vehicle and automotive consultancy.

We can help you:

  • Reduce costs and delivery lead-times, improve build quality and efficiency: we offer you a comprehensive range of automotive services for every aspect of your operations. This includes effective testing, inspection, verification, certification and consultancy at each stage – from concept design and materials and components testing, right through to gaining type approval for vehicles and parts production, manufacturing and sales
  • Manage your supply chain at every stage: we can provide you with expertise on everything from selecting and verifying the suitability of your suppliers, right through to assessing the performance of your dealerships
  • Confirm your ability to provide safe and reliable vehicles: we can help you meet all your statutory vehicle obligations, with a range of services to help you ensure road safety, reduce environmental impact and comply with all local, national and international regulations and standards
  • Improve your aftermarket and distribution operations: our services include logistics and supply chain security, and dealership and workshop audits
  • Increase safety and reduce the environmental impact of road traffic: access a wide range of road safety services, including vehicle inspection according to national requirements, testing and calibration of speed safety cameras, traffic management, driver examination and vehicle axle load control
To find out how our automotive services can help you, contact us today.